Can anyone help me decide the best amp to buy? I do not know too much about amps as I am a beginner but would like a good sounds and some effects too. Budget £100. It is just for use at home. Any advice would be much appreciated.
What type of music do you play? These are both decent choices but if you are looking for high gain stuff these won't do that we'll.
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The Vypyr'san probably a better choice for modeling amps, although it's probably more expensive. I can tell you first-hand that the Mustang's are disappointing. I've never heard of the Vox one, but it looks like it might be good. It's got FET transistors in the power-amp section, which are close-ish to tube sounding.
Of the entry-level modeling amps, I've found the Vox VT-20+ to be the best sounding by a wide margin. If you must go cheaper than that, my second favorite tone-wise is the Blackstar ID Core 10. It doesn't have nearly the same versatility as it only has one tone control, but its great for practicing and sounds awesome.
Hi, Thanks for your reply, I play all genres but not so much really heavy stuff so sounds this will be fine, thining of going for the Vox now looks good on youtube.