Hi all,

Looking to replace the bridge humbucker in my Fender MIM HSS Strat when I eventually go and have it rewired and generally set up nicely, and need opinions!

I'm playing through a Blackstar HT-5 full stack (the old model, no reverb), and want something with pretty damn high output but also capable of being versatile. Playing anything from Manchester Orchestra to Muse to Metallica.

I've looked at a few Dimarzios and have a Jackson RR3 with a Seymour Duncan JB which I do like, but want to get a range of options - I know some pickups will suit Strats better than others, and you guys probably know more about this than I do!

Budget is probably around £80 (no Bareknuckles for me )
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push pull pots or the fender S1 switch are your friend, you can get the high gain and all associated to say a JB but with the switch you have many other options because there is half a dozen wiring mods you can do with strats.

the 7 way mod to turn on the outer 2 pickups or all 3
the fender TBX tone knob , it cuts bass or treble to shape the sound
series , split or parallel sounds out of the JB (or 4 wire single coils)
you can even add a piezo transducer for acoustic tones

the S1 switch allows you to push down and get many other options

series = full power
coilsplit = splits to half of the pickup, you pick which coil depending on color code
parallel= hum cancelling weaker sound
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