Hello everyone, I bought this AJ/60S at a pawn shop years ago, and inside it has “Almost Perfect” stamped on the tag. I did some research on this particular model, and it was discontinued, but is really well made. Solid spruce top, and sides. This thing is LOUD! But what I don’t understand and have never inquired about before, is where is this blemish that makes it almost perfect? The only thing I can imagine is the neck is made out of 3 different pieces. Other than that, theres no fret buzz, cracks, scratches or anything. Its absolutely in pristine condition. Picked it up in 2010 for $350 USD.

Also, on the back of the headstock is what looks to be “VOID” maybe? Very hard to tell. Any info on why this is labeled “Almost Perfect” would be great. Thanks!

Likely some minor blem somewhere. That spline joint in the neck is not uncommon as it kicks back the grain on the headstock, a common technique in building necks...