I'm not an avid guitar engineer or anything like that, not that I think I need to be to install a coil split on a guitar. Still, if I was to take a guitar (lets say midrange to lower midrange) into a shop that does guitar work in the uk and say "Hey, coil split this please", and throw it at them, how much do you reckon they'd charge me to get the job done? I know generally the switch added to go between single and humbucking mode by grounding one of the coils comes in the form of a push pull pot, in which case I'd have to have one replaced, or it's done using a basic 2 way switch, which would require bodywork to be done.

So, how much do you fine people reckon? I'm just not particularly sure about doing it myself.
it all depends on the shop , your location like out in the country and all. One customer I knew paid 200$ for a gibson to be wired, yet I'm sure if the guy supplied the parts a few techs I know would have charged maybe half.

My personally before I knew soldering it was 20-30$ (canadian) a pickup just to install it but I can imagine more there even with foreign exchange in play.

if you don't have a push pull and never use the tone ask for the "Seymour duncan spin a split" mod it turns your tone knob into a coilsplit. the closer to 0% you get the more your pickup splits, it's one of the easiest mods you'll ever do to a guitar but the down side is everything from 1% to 99% chances are people don't use.

this is the almighty spin a split to try or forward to a tech since chances are they haven't heard of it I'm sure you could do this to both guitar pickups or even three but yeah, it's a cheaper alternative anyone who is even just "ok" at soldering should be able to do
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What guitar and what pickup is it? Do you know if it's a 4-conductor?

Tough to say how well this translates between countries, but around here you'd probably be looking at $50 or so. Broken down I'd guess $40 for hourly labor rate (minimum one hour) and $10 for either a push/pull pot or a mini switch plus drilling the body, plus a new set of strings.

Very rough estimate, but you can see why people usually do these things themselves. It's worth learning!
I guess losing a tone knob in return for a splitter wouldn't be too much of a sacrifice. I don't usually mellow the tone unless it's for cleans but even at that I can achieve the sound with some eq. With the spin-a-split wired though is tone default to 100%?
yeah 100% on like a regular tone knob will be the full powered pickup , 0% on the tone knob is 50% of the pickups power

the cool thing is you could either split the north coil or south coil as both give totally different sounds.

follow the trail of ground outside the guitar , it doesn't change
the pot contacts change a tiny bit
the signal out of the guitar doesn't change at all