2015 Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster

Alder Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard
2-Tone Burst
Flat Mounted Original Floyd Rose
2 Seymour Duncan Hot Rails sandwiched around a JB Jr. Middle pickup
Vintage Tuners

Picked this up the other day, and now anxiously awaiting the weekend to have time to really break it in properly with a marathon jam session! I was very surprised how heavy it is, actually heavier than most Les Pauls I've played. The 3 Duncan pickups scream, get great harmonics, and retain fantastic note definition and clarity even with high gain. The Floyd Rose on it has the best tuning stability of any of the guitars I've ever played with one, have tried dive bombing to the point the strings go totally slack and stop ringing, and it still is perfectly in tune after returning. My only complaints are that the initial setup from the factory definitely left a lot to be desired, and added in the 2 allen wrenches that came with it do not fit anything at all on the bridge or the locking nut. I'm also not looking forward to my first string change with the slotted vintage tuners-have heard the high E and B strings can be tough to get in there.

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although humbuckers and floyds usually have no business in a strat i'll make an exception for this one. love dave murray. nice enjoy
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although humbuckers and floyds usually have no business in a strat i'll make an exception for this one. love dave murray. nice enjoy

haha +1
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Oh man, as a kid I wanted one of these so bad

Sweet guitar
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My brother just got the same guitar a few weeks ago. Very nice guitar. Much nicer specs than the old signature model - I can't stand the V-shape 50's neck on that one, for once.
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