When I started this I had an almost completely salvaged-parts 6l6 push-pull design.
I rebuilt the amp into a 6l6 version of an 18 watt Marshall. Bridge rectified (so... 20 watt) and along with the 6l6 power amp it means lots of extra head-room.

Now I'm not an experienced builder or player, but to me it seems like a clean Marshall-ish take on a Deluxe Reverb. It doesn't distort a whole lot even when you dime it, but you can hear a tight crunch starting to develop, especially if you boost the signal.

I've been using my Zoom pedal to introduce distortions and effects and I would say that it's already on a level above the Fender Super Champ. I haven't nailed any particular modelled tones just yet, but since I wasn't constrained by expectations, I didn't have to make a clean (or even mostly clean) tube amp. I have found that I can get some very cool sounds of my own.

In short - I'm saying that the relatively clean Marshall 18 watt pre amp, plus 6l6 pa for better headroom, plus versatile mfx pedal = cool little amp.

I'm soon going to be adding a vvr and a Weber copper cap as well. I think that my inexperience is preventing me from making a truly excellent amp but I have just enough perspective to say that I'm no longer obsessing about buying a commercial amp. I used to daydream about deluxe reverbs and 40dsl marshall combos, but now I daydream about my own amp instead.
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