Hello Everyone my name is Cody, and I am a new member to this site. I have a question to ask you guys. I love the style of the Les Pauls, right now I own an Epiphone les Paul special 2. When I get the money I want to upgrade, but I'm debating between. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain top, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top, and the traditional Pro. Now first of all I only play in my own house etc. I don't play in shows or in a band, and don't really plan to. But I want a guitar that will still sound like a Gibson. One day hopefully I ll own one haha. Now all those 3 guitars are in a similar price zone. Looks don't necessarily matter because all of them look pretty nice. Now which do you guys prefer.
I own four Epiphone LP's and I will say if you can afford it get the Tribute. It's worth the extra money and then some. It has real Gibson 1957 Classic pickups, Grover locking tuners, CTS pots, Switchcraft hardware and a full maple cap and mahogany body plus a hardshell case..

If the extra $200 above the Standard and Traditional is too much (been there often), I'd go with the Traditional. They are all decent from the Standard on up.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
I placed an order for a Special P90 last week when it was on sale for $89, but ended up cancelling it and putting the money towards a Standard Pro 1956 w/ the P90 Pro pickups and the 'C' neck. I wanted something w/ P90s for that early punk tone, and really like it, but I'm also tempted to also grab one with the 'D' neck and Humbuckers (either the Classic 57s or the Probuckers) to add to the collection. (I think that Cherry Burst is calling to me...)
The Epi Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro is a great way to go and is offered in a variety of burst finishes and a few limited edition colors! For a slight bit more the Epi Les Paul Custom Pros are exceptional and add a Phase Reverse push pull feature to the Neck Pickup Tone Knob that provides Four (4) extra audible configurations. There's also the recently announced LP 100th anniversary model albeit at a higher price.
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Okay all good answers. But this will be an upgrade from my first guitar, which is just a Epiphone les Paul special 2... Not that great but in willing to spend 300-600 dollars. But there are many les Paul's haha. In that price range there is the standard plain too, traditional pro, standard plus top, custom pro. What are the differences? I'm just going to be jamming at home. Probably do some recording. No live gigs or anything.
I'm leaning towards this one Epiphone 2014 Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Satin Aqua Blue
I also have small hands. 7 inches from top of middle finger to bottom of my palm top of wrist? Is that comfortable to play the traditional pro? Or what les Paul would you prefer for smaller hands?
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Honestly size of your hands won't really be a factor, I owned the epiphone Les paul standard and pro and also a gibson les paul standard and I too have small hands. All of the necks were more than comfortable to play. Do you have to have a epiphone? For $600 you can buy a much superior instrument, Esp Ltd ranges do some fantastic les paul models. The woods the guitars are made from are usually the same, the major difference would be the pickups. Esp's tend to have higher ouput pickups and are more suited to heavier music but there still versatile enough to be functional in other genres.
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I guess it doesn't have to be Epiphone but I like the les Paul designs + sound