Welcome to the GB&C Central Hub!

This is the new central resource thread for the GB&C. It contains links to all of the ONLY/ULTIMATE threads, links to several great tutorials, and a link to the newly-renovated GB&C resource thread, which contains a wealth of information. In addition, it contains guidelines for making a good "help me threads" and behavioral guidelines for the forum regulars, as well as some GB&C-specific rules.

The links and information contained here will be updated as new informaton and useful threads (only/ultimate, tutorials, etc) pop up, so please check back often!

This thread is and shall remain a work in progress, since it will be continually updated with new information. If you have any ideas for additions, just PM a Moderator and they'll take care of it!

GB&C-Specific Rules:

*Do not give advice on a subject you don't know about. Dangerous advice will get you a warning. Giving advice and then saying "But im not sure" or something is just like saying "Don't listen to me because I don't know what I'm talking about". All it amounts to in the end is spam.

*Advertising your business, company, or whatever is highly frowned upon. Just don't advertise. Advertising is a bannable offence. It usually results in a permanent ban.

*Respect the opinions of other users. Everyone has different tastes in what looks good or what works for them. Don't bash other peoples' gear or paint job/guitar body shape ideas, etc.

*Don't bump old threads, unless you started it originally or there is a unique and genuine need for new information.

**More pending... (give me some ideas!)

New Thread Guidelines:

*Make a good, clear OP. Include all the information you think is relevant. Asking what type of pickups you should get is as vague a question as anything. Include your current control configuration, the style(s) of music you play, even the wood your guitar is made of, if you can find out.

*Have some content. If you are posting a build, post the build pictures and commentary in the thread. Do not post a link to another website as your only content.

*Use proper spelling and grammar. It is very very annoying having to decode bad spelling and grammar in a place where the only form of communication is text. Try not to make your entire post 1 sentence. Punctuation marks exist for a reason. Obviously some people here may not speak English well, and this usually isn't much of a problem.

*Avoid typing in all caps. It is hard to read and is considered shouting and is rude.

*Name your threads appropriately! I can't tell you how annoying it is to see a thread title simply called "help" or something ambiguous like that. It has always been against the GB&C rules to do this, anyway, and will result in your thread being closed. It may also result in a warning if deemed appropriate by the acting moderator. If you already have an active warning, then you'll get banned. How would you like to get banned just for being too lazy to make a good thread title? It's happened before.

**More pending... (give me some ideas!)

Behavioral Guidelines for the forum regulars:

*The "Jim Thread" is an off-topic chat thread for regulars only. It isn't a second Pit, so don't post in it if you don't contribute to the GB&C community. It's a bit insulting to have any pit monkey or whomever just waltz in there. In our first chat thread, we let everyone and anyone post. It quickly got spammed up and closed. We would like to keep our new chat thread.

*Don't chew the newbies. You used to be one yourself. Be helpful and point them in the right direction. You don't have to do everything FOR them. In fact, this is discouraged as it only fuels the neediness. Point them in the right direction so that they may learn to do things for themselves.

*When telling a user to to consult a sticky or an only/ultimate thread, be considerate in telling them so and link them to the appropriate thread. Don't just report the thread for closing and leave them hanging like that.