Hi everyone.

I recenlty changed my amplifier from a line 6 spider 75 to a 5W blackstatr HT5 Metal hear and 1 x 4 8 inch driver cab after demoing it with a couple of other amps and cabs. This was the combo that sounded most like 'me'.

I am very happy with it-but notice my old muting technique of the higher strings is no longer good enough!

I do noticed it is MUCH easier to tap fast on this amp, I guess that might be all the gain on tape picking up any signal and making it loud?

So, My my question is, when I -play, often when I stop, you can hear the other strings ringing out slightly. Not massively. But enough to be an annoyance.

Now as I am new to the valve amp world I do not know-is it me or the gain of the amp? Would getting something like a noise gate supress this?

Thank you to everyone that helps me out, I have got cemetery gates down now thanks to you guys, Just cant hit every note in the solo yet! Thats what I am now practicing, the solo.

Thanks everyone, Conan.
Post a short video of yourself playing something perhaps?

I'm no expert when it comes to amps, but it is possible you're not used to playing with lots of gain. Perhaps you have even too much gain, but I doubt it if you're just using and amp to guitar set-up. I use a Peavey 6505+ which has a disgusting amount of gain, and I have no issues. The only time it becomes unmanageable with muting is if I add even more gain with an overdrive pedal, but that's hardly a technique issue, but more so an issue of being way too over-saturated with gain.

I'm not sure what advice others may offer, but I think posting a short video would be your best bet on getting some quality analysis of the issue.
If your strings are ringing out, it's most likely your technique. Noise gate is usually used to silence noises that you can't silence by using your guitar volume knob/muting your strings.
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I do noticed it is MUCH easier to tap fast on this amp, I guess that might be all the gain on tape picking up any signal and making it loud?

probably the natural compression of the valves.

the noise could be the valves too, they can be a bit noisier and a bit less tight than solid state. a noise gate might help, also working on your muting etc. should also help.
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Have the same exact amp, I don't get the high strings ringing out at all so I would chalk it up to technique. but a video doesnt hurt

edit: mine is just the 5w-r not the metal but I would imagine the result would be similar.