Hello. I'm a decent blues player, with an ability to execute extended techniques. I want to get to the next level, and expand my knowledge of theory and other fancy little pieces of knowledge, which I feel my lack of holds me back big time. I'm no dimwit. I can handle advanced concepts. I've just ordered Berklee's "A Modern Method for Guitar Vol. 1-3" I'm wondering what I need to know before I get started. What does the author assume I know going in?

Also, for once I finish up with this particular behemoth of a book, what are some good follow up books. Will the Guitar Grimore books be at all useful to me after I expand my knowledge with this book? The "Exercise Book Grimore" looks particularly interesting. How about the other William Leavitt works? Ted Greene is one of my favorite players. How are his books? Do they contain stuff that would introduce new ideas to me post-MMFG?

I just want to be the best I can be. Thanks for the help in advance.