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If you think Gollum was sober with his whole "Gollum/Smeagol" thing and thinking he was invisible with the ring, then you need to remove the cotton wool from your eyes.

Wake up sheeple.

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Sorry if I am reviving an older thread, but I am thinking that perhaps Audiomachine has quite a few good hits (just hit random video selections on Youtube, and they kept coming up a lot)
Definitely has the ethereal and eerie or spooky feelings covered well. At times, just sounds like random blathering used with the music. Then the rising sounds which are more wonder than eerieness. Part two then goes into an even stranger set of moments and dissonance. Conversational sounds in the middle of that, followed by the very slow end to the entire piece, earn it respect from me
Great share..I listen to everything an i truely enjoy it
and For those who is looking for an amazing site to listen to Mp3 song especially the hindi one. I am absolutely suggesting freshmaza . It's has everything.
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