Not sure if this is allowed. Its for left handed players. Any means of advertising helps us.

They need 20 down payments and its a go. They're only making the string configuration (6, 7, or 8 string) that gets 20 downpayment. I'm really hoping they go for 8 string as they are rare to find in multi scale at such quality. Based on the counts there is a good chance they will build all of these.

Go to the .strandberg* website to place a down payment for US orders. UK link will be up soon. .

Here is the Facebook group for it:

Heres the Leftyfrets article in support for the lefty .strandberg* run

If you are right handed and know anyone left handed, share this with them as they are only accepting down payments until Dec. 11 and there needs to be at least 20 downpayment for them to build any lefty .strandberg*'s.