Through the years, I progressed from using the Red/black Jazz III's, then the Jazz III XL stiffo, then V-Pick medium pointed (similar to the screamer). Now I'm at the Red 1mm Big Stubby. Among all pointed picks I've tried, I like it the most, somehow if I play fast, I don't miss any notes with it. I suspect a lot has to do with the shape of the tip (less aggressive than the Jazz III). However, trying the 2mm Big Stubby---I don't play as well. It's weird, I've always been fond of thicker picks, and here I am for the last couple of weeks---really digging the thin and flexible red Big Stubby. Unfortunately, it doesn't last very long, and also slips out of hand way too easily. Any recommendations to try?
It is personal preference really. Many people love Jazz III's, I prefer fender 346 heavy picks

Just go out pick up a bunch of random ones at a guitar store for like 4 bucks and try them all for a few days each and then you should know what you like most.

A rule of thumb is heavy picks sound better for metal and thin picks sound better for country (is how I remember it) but preference, I mean this guy is plenty heavy without even using a pick.

WOW, I've seen this guy before, never realized until now that he's not using a pick at all, WOW!

Anyway, Fender 346 is no good for me, I like pointed tips.