Is there anything preventing you from using all the inputs on a Twin Reverb? Either in terms of four people playing at once (presumably with two of them suitably boosted to match the others) or, say, using an ABY splitter to play into input 2 then switching to input 1 to boost a solo or a pedal that induces a volume drop? Mostly just curiosity but it might come in handy one day...

I remember reading about a guy on a surf guitar forum who felt there wasn't enough reverb and ran the spring tank into the normal channel instead of the reverb return so he could swamp his sound more effectively, so I know that can be done
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I think you may run into phasing issues. Nobody wants to be that thin, awkward guitar player.
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My Bassman can do it and it sounds fucking awesome, but I don't have phasing issues mwahahaha!
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most fender amps with tremolo or reverb effects (i'm not sure which) often have phasing issues when the channels are linked together.

I think the original intention behind having more than one channel with separate inputs and controls actually was to allow the amp to amplify more than one instrument simultaneously (That's definitely the case with Vox). On the other hand I've seen people plug two guitars into the same channel on an amp and it didn't work well...
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I'm not sure if both channels at once will work or not, both inputs on one channel will sound like crap.

I think both channels together will work, but not positive, I've never tried it. I run my Super Reverb with an A/B switch, so I can set each channel different and swap them at gigs, that works great. Since each has its own preamp, I think it should work together but not positive.

I've also run one amp into another using both inputs on one channel, that works great on my Champ, haven't tried it with the Super Reverb. Guitar into main input, cable from 2nd input of same channel into different amp.

I tried running both inputs of one channel years ago, one guitar would over ride the other and it sounded like crap in general. I seem to remember running two guitars in separate channels and it worked ok, but not sure.
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It's not matter of can it be done, it can. It's a matter of should it be done. Absolutely not. This has potential disaster written all over it. (FYI, I love Twin Reverbs)
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I have done this for quiet practice with 4 instruments and it worked fine as long as levels were low enough and everything is squeaky clean. The minute you push one guitar into overdrive the sound of the others falls apart. We have also used a rented twin as a poor bands PA with several mics plugged in with similar results. Not a good plan for live performance. Each guitar really needs their own amp.
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