It seems like it would be one of those things that has a hidden problem. The only one I can think of right know is how the clapton circuit has weird pot values which might mess with the humbuckers in the bridge, but if that is the case could I just bypass the tbx and mid boost for the humbuckers position?
Bonus Question: The strat in question will have an stk S7 in the neck and an stk s4 in the middle. What should I get for the bridge? Pearly Gates? Burstbucker?
for the first question when it comes to tone controls they are sensitivity, a 10k tone pot will do the same as a 2000k , it's just a longer trip to zero 0%, volume pots you do get brighter as you go up in values though.

on a strat i'd have to draw it out for bypassing in the bridge position only as i havent been home all day
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