Anyone could help me who have experience with this piece of gear? I'm really stuck cause I'm not satisfied with the presets since its way too gainy and noisy. It's really not quality sounding. My guitar is a hq Ibanez RG with active EMGs mahagony body so it shouldnt be a problem. Where should I start to learn how to manage the pod? How can i model good sounds? The goal would be a "perfect" distortion for metalcore dropc/b tuning.

Thank you for anyone who can help!
The presets on an X3 are there to be used by salesmen to sell the things; to show the range of what can be done with them. They're not there to be used otherwise.

The X3's a good piece of gear. You'll want to make sure you have the editing software for it, that the firmware is up to date in the unit itself, and that you have logged onto vettaville and to the custom tone section of the Line 6 support area. www.vettaville.nl/ line6.com/customtone/

I want to start learning how to do near perfect tones by myself. I tried downloading many, most of them sounded shit. Is there any guide how to get started in gearbox? Or anything. To all pod x3 owners How did you learn?
while you say you want the "perfect tone" it doesn't sound like you want to put the effort in. pick amp models most likely to work for what you want and start fiddling with the amp setting both gain and tone controls until you come up with what you want. keep in mind that if recording to use less gain as recording saturation ups the perceived gain on a finished recording.
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