People here seem to really like math rock the few times it comes around. Good thing I'm in a new math rock band with tabs.
Line-up has one guitar, one bass, one drummer and a girl singing. A good description for the sound would be life-pop, or rock songs for math kids. Spiffy stuff.

Everything's been completed for this song (including vocals) minus the actual lyrics - a work in progress that I plan on adding shortly.

A rundown because the labels are in Swedish:
Chorus: 1-19
Verse: 20-39
Chorus: 40-57
Verse: 58-81
Bridge: 82-87
Build-up: 88-100
Outro (instrumental) 101-end

Will naturally C4C.
Svensk matterock alltså!

I hope you have a non-sense name such as "I drink tea with my hat on". This is crucial.
As for the song, it's very well written and there's not really anything that I would change. However, I would probably remove 86-87, I think it flows a bit better.

It's very American Football.
That gp "Mellow" sounds a lot like This Town Needs Guns.
I love that man, keep it up
This sounds really fantastic. The intro is catchy. I loved the odd time transitions all through the riffs. Great like in bar 8. The drums at 20 were great. Loved the rim hits. The vocal lines are also really catchy here, as well as throughout the song. 58 was also really nice to the ear. The outro start was just full of catchy riffing and I could definitely see the vocal part here being an ear worm. Loved the flow of the time signatures you used. Great use of harmonics in the last riff. I'd love to hear this recorded.

If you could give this a crit, I'd be grateful: She Is Love and She Saves With Cleansing Heat
do you have a recording of this song? i really dig it and would like to hear how it turns out with vocals
i cant really complain about much here. it sounds like DGD if they only had 1 guitar and were more erratic (with time signatures). i especially like the random bouts of 7/8 in the beginning. really unique style and a really cool song overall. if it had a solo, it would be perfect IMO

also when you get the chance, can you give me some input on my most recent work? it would be greatly appreciated