Hi all. I'm looking at getting a Boomerang looper but have some questions to make sure it's going to be able to do what I want before dropping the loot. I've done a lot of research between this and the boss rc-300 and like this the best - especially as it works with a midi clock so would be able to add a drum machine to the mix down the road (with more options than the preloaded tracks on the rc-300). I also don't need to be able to save tracks...am fine with live looping.

Anyway, my questions really are how the rang handles pedals in front of it. I don't yet have all of the pedals I want, but I plan on (hopefully) being able to loop clean, OD, delay, and chorus into the rang. I don't have much experience with which pedals usually go before the amp and which typically go in the fx loop, but I'd like to be able to use all of these with the looper (and have it sound ok...I've read the boss pedal doesn't like these, at least the rc-50 anyway). Also will need an octave pedal to simulate bass.

Down the road I will add a drum machine and probably run the bass simulation and drums to a separate speaker/amp. I think anyway?

Any thoughts on this setup greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of the gear I will need but think I know what I want to do...so want to make the right purchases from the start.

The only thing I really like on the rc-300 more than the rang is it can apply effects to individual loops. I love the pedal for the instant gratification/drum tracks/bass simulation/built in effects, but doesn't seem like the long-term solution I want.

Any thoughts/feedback/opinions or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
Jamman solo XT also has midi and will syncronise with other Jamman pedals.

A looper only needs you be down stream of any effects you intend to change between your loop and other parts. Reverb, echo etc. is likely to be the same for all parts so can be downstream of the looper. This being the case it is most likely to be the last pedal before going in to the front of your amp. I don't know, but I can't see there would be a problem of putting it in your effects loop, if prefered, and this would be the place to go if you intend to change channels during looping.

Any looper will syncronise with a drum machine if you put the drums up stream of the looper so that you record the drums in the loop. Once in the loop you stop the original beat so you only have the looped beat to avoid any creep.

If you intend to do a lot of looping you may well want a second amp. I find if you put too much into one amp it can quickly become a mush and less easy to distinguish your primary guitar part.

The cheaper new Jamman pedals will syncronise with the Solo XT so I might think of getting one of these first to see how you get on before sinking a lot of money into an all singing, all dancing version.
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