I have very big hands. Not fat fingers, but among the "longest" that I've encountered
I'm currently playing a 2014 Fender American Std. Strat, which has a fairly slim neck. It took me some time getting used to it, but now I'm adapted.
The thing is, I think I may not be using all my potential with this kind of neck.

I tried a 2nd hand G&L Legacy with a "Classic Wide C" neck (1 3/4” nut width, medium taper from 0.830” to 0.960&rdquo. I can get a pretty nice deal on it. After playing it for a few minutes, it still felt clumsy.
I can't expect to feel natural with such a neck after playing a completely different one extensively for the past year or so.
I also don't have a lot of experience with playing different guitars and adapting to new necks, so I can't "predict" what will happen so much.

Any advice?

BTW, I also really liked the tremolo system, and the guitar felt really solid overall. So it's tempting...
Just because you have big hands doesnt mean you need a big neck. There is no perfect neck profile for small hands or big hands. The best neck is the neck you find the most comfy.

Try a few different guitars and see what you like.

To give you am example, I have pretty regular sized hands and I dont play slim necks. I play a '58 RI with a baseball bat neck.
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I have fairly big hands (being a fairly big guy at 6'3") and I prefer a chunky Gibson neck. I used to play thin Ibanez wizard necks though and I didn't have any discomfort, per se. It's really all about preference.
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I have small hands and I prefer bigger necks. Size doesn't matter
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I play a very narrow guitar neck, a EBMM Silhouette. It isn't as thin as a wizard neck but it is still a small neck. I have HUGE hands, and pretty long fingers. I love the neck on my guitar, much better than most of the wide necks I have played (I don't really jive with PRS guitars because of this).

Play whatever is comfortable, but also if you really like the G&L, and you think you could get accustomed to it, I don't see why you shouldn't go for it. They are awesome guitars, and I don't think you'd be disappointed in the slightest.
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As others have mentioned, it's not the size of your hands that dictates what type of neck would feel best to you. It's all individual feel and preference, look at Paul Gilbert. He has massive hands and plays ibanez necks. Try as many as you can and narrow down your preferences from there.
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I have XXL hands (piano span is C to the F above the octave-up C, playing cleanly). I prefer thinner/wider necks. I'm not a fan of fat necks. The stronger your hands are, and the better your technique is, the less likely you are to prefer fat necks.

Smaller/weaker hands and those with arthritis will probably do better with fat necks; it allows them to use their palms and forearms to gain a bit of leverage, and it reduces the pain associated with the area on the palm under the thumb for those who have traditionally been thumb wrappers, etc.
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Just because you have big hands doesnt mean you need a big neck. There is no perfect neck profile for small hands or big hands. The best neck is the neck you find the most comfy.

Try a few different guitars and see what you like.

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As others have said, don't worry about hypotheticals, just work with what you have. I've got small hands and short fingers, and because of the genres I play, I use a lot of different neck widths and profiles. I've got used to it. The only thing I notice is that I like V-shaped necks because I hook my thumb over, but it isn't a deal breaker.
Thanks everyone for the replies!!!
I couldn't hold myself and bought the guitar already... And after playing it for some time, it really feels "right" in my hands I actually feel lighter with my left hand. So for now, it looks like I may make it my main guitar. Or at least, for now, I'm excited.