I know how the most efficient way to sweep is to slant the pick downward/upward depending on which way you are sweeping.

What I'm talking about is the angle that people use when alternate picking, the one where you angle the pick slightly so that the front edge of the pick is going first instead of the flat of the pick. Is this something you would or wouldn't use during sweep picking? I feel like using the flat is better for tone.
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Imagine a sheet of paper originally running parallel to the strings, but at right angles to the guitar body. Then angle that sheet to roughly 45 degrees to the strings, still at right angles to the guitar body. For me, I keep the pick at that constant position, like this piece of paper (not tilted forward or back, nor does it change whether I'm sweeping down or up). Otherwise, I find timing inaccuracies may creep in. But this may not suit you?
I always keep my picked angled only for heavy rhythms do I ever turn it flat.

The angle helps you glide with as little force against you possible allowing you to sweep faster and easier.

Try sweeping in a "circle motion" as opposed to up and down.