Hey guys,

I am wondering about how I would get designs printed onto pickguards. This is as part of my school business project where I set up a mini business with a new product idea. I know this has been done but is not available where I live. Would it be as simple as sending blank pickguards off to the printers to have the designs printed on?

Thanks guys, if you have any suggestions on how I could make this work please let me know!

thank guys. If you have any suggestions on how I could do this Id be delighted. yeah ive emailed a few local printers and they have yet to get back to me!
I did this one:

I did it using a method called Thermal Transfer.
See the link in my Sig about the Making your own PCB tutorial.

Its the same method.
Doing thermal transfer on copper clad for a Circuit board takes some practice.
I ironed it on the reverse side of the pickguard.
Doing it with a pickguard takes even more practice as you are transferring to plastic.
It usually ends up warping, but that's easily fixed by placing the pickguard between two pieces of wood with some weight on top or some flat metal plates, but keeping the temperate low (not much more than 150F) and putting it in an old toaster oven (AND NEVER EVER USE THAT TOASTER OVEN FOR FOOD EVER AGAIN!!!)
I used Lexan actually, Plexiglass, IMO, is WAY to fragile and brittle).
But as you can see it can be done.

If you are interested in trying this method,and want some more details, read my PCB tutorial and then hit me up in the GG&A sub-forum before you start playing with those nasty chemicals. I don't come into this sub-forum as often as I used too.

I did this with my Explorer, but I used fabric, kind of a fleece type fabric I got at Walmart (or can be had at any fabric/hobby store).
And some spray on glue.

While you can learn to do it yourself I have seen numerous sites that make custom pickguards with custom graphics
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