So recently I used Dunlop Fingerboard Cleaner & Prep 01 on a guitar with a Rosewood fretboard and used Fretboard Ultimate Lemon Oil to condition the wood afterwards. I had fantastic results with these products combined with a towel (separate towels of course).

I have another guitar that I'd like to do the same thing to but I suspect it has a painted ebony fretboard. Regardless of whether my particular guitar has a painted fretboard or not, does anyone know if these products are okay for painted/stained fretboards?
I condition my fretboard with cheeseburger grease.
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Wait is it painted or stained? If the physical raw wood is exposed you can do the same as your rosewood board. If it has finish over it like a clearcoat (which ive never heard of other than maple necks) you could used regular guitar polish like you would on the rest of the guitar.
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Quote by DeathByDestroyr
I condition my fretboard with cheeseburger grease.

And Cheeto dust stain?
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