Hi guys
I currently have a peavey vypyr 30 and i am pretty happy with it. But i really wanted to have a portable amp that can run even on batteries and now that i have the money to spend, i can buy one. What do you guys suggest? Is the yamaha thr5 a good option? I've heard really good things about this particular amp and some even say that its better than the vypyr despite having smaller speakers.
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The Yamaha is a great option. Roland Micro-Cube is excellent as well - the battery lasts a very long time.
yamaha's good.

My knock-around battery-powered amp is the Hog20 from Pignose. *BIG* rechargeable batteries, 6.5" speaker.
I like the Micro Cube. Awesome little practice amp.
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Thank you guys for the responses.So ive narrowed down to yamaha thr5 and the micro cube, but the yamaha is nearly double the price as compared to the microcube. Is it worth the price?
I have the THR5, and it's a great little amp. Note that if you get the carry case, it's sized to fit the THR10, so it won't be any smaller in the case than the THR10. If you step up to the THR10, you have the option of choosing the -X or -C models, depending on your taste in music, and there's a couple of extra bells and whistles, like pre-sets and some extra options like a 'flat' setting for when you're using it as an MP3 speaker. I've not used the Micro-cube, so can't really comment on whether the THR5 worth the extra cost, but I see that the Micro Cubes are selling used on eBay for ~$50. If buying new, the THR5 is only ~$25 more (or ~$50 more w/ carry case).

That being said, if you're looking to go smaller and/or save a bit of money, but w/o the modeling capabilities or the audio interface, check out the Blackstar Fly3 w/ or w/o the extension cabinet. For the price, I'm thinking of getting one just for an 'ultra-portable' set up that I can easily carry on my motorcycle w/ my Traveler Speedster.
The Micro-Cube is an acceptable practice amp, but I'd only get it over the Yamaha THR5 if your budget really is so tight that the $50 would make a serious difference.
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