I have had a bunch here are the best

the first real amplifier I used in a band was a Vox super Beatle. It was borrowed but I got to use it for the better part of a year in a band.

The very next amp was a Fender viberoverb . I can't remember anything about how these amps sounded because I was so an inexperienced and it was so long ago. I do remember the vibroverb frightening me. It was so loud I was afraid it was a going to blowup or shoot across the room.

Lab series transistor with built-in compressor 4-10 extremely heavy and a lot of power for transistor job. Really nice clean sound like a roland jazz chorus without chorus.

70s silver face twin- shall we say, impressive?

A PV bravo amp of the year! In guitar player magazine It was an all tube practice amp that sounded just like a Sodanono . I'm not shitting you. If you can find a used one buy it

The PV heritage.tube power amp great meat and potatoes amp.

a vox , it had 2 , 10 inch speakers. It had 2 plastic rocker switches on the front. One was green one was red .all tube very very smooth and sweet. It looked like something that was built in the 70s. I used it in the 90s for a couple of bands and sold it. One of the best.

A PV roadmaster head . Memorable because of all the tubes most powerful amp I have ever used or even seen.

Fender blues Junior- it took a long time to learn how to get a good sound out of this. It's not good for clean sound. It sounds okay for a dirty sound. With the right pedal I've gotten the best sound I have ever achieved. This is the truth.

2 Mesas first one was incredibly firkin loud and sounded generic , sold it.

The second one the one I currently own. Is called a, subway . I don't know why they call the subway it has nothing to do with subway sandwiches or transportation but that's what they call it. It sounds good, like a twin but not exactly, not as much high-end for the high-end it has is more like in the high mid range. It's really clean and sounds pretty dang good.

The Carvin nomad . I had a bunch of mods done on it and had it sounding just fuckking spectacular. I got bitched out in 2 different bands for being too loud when I was using it.

First guy it that bitched had an ampeg bass amp as big as a refrigerator and HE was too loud but he was a boss .

The second guided pitched at me for being too loud played drums like John Bonham, every time he hit his snare drum it was like a an M-80 exploding. He was a boss too so I could not tell him he was full of shit .
the bass amp i once had the made a popping sound and smoked last time i tried to turn it on.

yeah, i remember that one.
no ampeg vh140 or crate gx130c or peavey bandit on that list

therefore the whole list is worth forgetting
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Quote by theogonia777
no ampeg vh140 or crate gx130c or peavey bandit on that list

therefore the whole list is worth forgetting

The 80s PV heritage is just like 2 80s PV bandit's joined the together like Siamese twins except it has a tube power section. The renown is just like the bandit times 2 and I used one of them for a while.
YAWN ok not exactly an exciting list. a fender blues jr, be still my heart. with the exception of the Bravo perhaps the Peavey's are all pretty meh. what Mesa's? they made many models so do't keep us in suspense.