I've recently converted to using a 72 traynor ysr1 which is a beast but I'm used to having an fx loop in my chain for time effects. I don't want to throw all my pedals in one long chain. Do I get a second head or is there a simpler option?


not sure about simpler or how cheap but you can get your head modded to include a loop.
That's a risky job and devalues the amp. I'm not looking to hack up this old guy. It's too cool to be frankensteined
Lookin at the schematic this seems to be a non-master-volume amp, sooo... what's the problem putting all the pedals in front of it? That's how you do with non-MV amps. Or am I missing something?
Does that amp have a master volume? If not, then don't worry about the absence of a loop.
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Left side there's a volume then eq section then trem and reverb and then finall master gain
chain your pedals and strategically place a buffer. you'll be grand.
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