I've been doing intense alternate picking drills for days on end for the past 3 weeks. Before I couldn't alternate pick to save my life, and when i first started playing guitar seriously (a month ago) my goal was to play this passage (31 seconds):

at full speed or even higher. I managed to get myself to fully play it at 80% speed consistently after 3 or so weeks (here's a video of me doing it for proof:


watching my video, you will find that my dilemma is those high frets. The ones that are smaller than the width of my pinky finger. It's hard to find a comfortable position with my left hand and as a result i play very sloppily. Does anyone have advice on how to combat this? it's been aggravating me, because no matter how slow i play, i cant find comfortable resting point at the high frets
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Slow down until you can play the upper frets cleanly. Maybe ignore the lower frets and spend two weeks just making the upper frets your bitch, one clean note after the other.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
Practice slower, use a metronome.

If you're into shred music, you should really be drilling your scales and arpeggios all over the neck. Practice 3 note per string scales in every position, from the bottom to the top of the fretboard. They are good for warm ups, once you get them all down.
When I went from a 12 fret guitar to 22 frets I had to take some practice time doing chromatics from the 12th fret upwards for awhile before it felt comfortable to me. Also at lower frets you may need to use your third finger to skip from fret 3 to 5 but at higher frets you can use your second finger to reach from 15 to 18 for example. Weird little things like that took practice and experimentation to feel comfortable.
I play a les paul classic..its a short neck 24.75..22 frets..after the 15th they are small..so clarity first..and very slowly..yeah scales and arps are a good start in this area of the neck..up AND down..try as many keys as you can..now the fingering in this area is what you need to use that works for YOU .. if you can play A major (up and down) through the 22 on the top four strings and its clean..your on your way..

remember when you run out of "neck" you have to come back..so knowing how to descend is of equal import..
play well

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get a 24 fret guitar, extra jumbo, like butter.

a la schecter c-1 classic.
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imo, lower your action, switch to 9's and relax -you're mashing the strings, you're way too tense, and your picking hand is stiff. you sound choppy and you need to be smoother and the notes need to flow. think frank gambale.

move your pick more towards the end of your thumb but still keep it choked up. it looks like it's too close to the joint of your thumb.
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Since my last post, i managed to clean up my articulation and choppiness. I was more warmed up in this video, which also explains why my fingers are moving a bit less here (and im playing at a slightly higher speed)


I'm considering the idea of moving my pick off the thumb joint, and it feels way better too.
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