Hi there Guys I'm a self taught guitarist as many probably are, I've been playing for around 10 years now (I think). I always tried to learn as much as theory as possible, at least practical theory I could apply to my playing but after reading through alot of the responses from senior members on the forums I've come to the conclusion that there are many holes in my knowledge and would love to fix this. Can any of you recommend any advanced theory books or resources? I feel the more concepts I expose myself to the better. As things currently stand I know the pentatonic scales, the major scale and all its respective modes, the harmonic minor and it's modes, a little exposure to the melodic minor (I rarely use it), diatonic chords, keys, chord structure and labelling, modulation, borrowed chords and a little on cadences. When people talk about harmony and tertiary triads and the like however I literally have no clue what people are referring too so please any sites, books, videos or just concepts in general can you send my way please, Regards ManicEspanic.
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