Hey guys just wondering if I can get some advice or pointers on this. Bought an SG build kit ages ago. Resprayed the body. Set the neck, wired up the pickups however I have no ground wire.

I understand that with an Sg/lp type guitar the ground wire goes through the hole that leads to the bridge posts and you install the posts that will then be in intimate contact with the ground wire. However I hammered them in before I knew about that.

Does anyone know how I can get round this without attempting to rip out the bridge post?

Im pretty sure I can get a wire down the hole from the cavity to touch the post but it's keeping it in place which is the problem.

Thought maybe some copper wire and trying to drop bits of solder down the hole in the hope that wire and post will become one. Haha
Anyway could still use a few pointers on how to unscrew my mess. Would copper wire down the cavity hole that leads to the post be a good option if so what recommended gauge would you use?