Hello guys,i'm planning to buy a HSS guitar,it may be the squier with a mirror pickguard,a sterling by music man or a used higher-end one.I want the single coil because I play blues pentatonics,but I also like to play heavy metal,so...is the SH-6(Duncan distortion) worthy? (I have a multi fx unit,the rp360 of digitech)
The Duncan Distortion is a fine pup. However, if the single coil sound is so important to you I'd probably go for something like this:
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Seconding that.

You might also look at the Lace Deathbucker.
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The SH6 is fine, also the Dimarzio options are great. I have a MM Steve Morse and the Dimarzio pickups in that are stellar. Maybe you can look at the John Petrucci Sterling models, I think they have coil split and piezo pickups.