I just bought a "brand new" Eric Johnson Strat and '52 American Vintage Tele from sweetwater, however they both arrived with a tiny blemish.

I don't know if I should kick up a fuss about this or not.

Check out the image attached. They are both in pretty much the same spot. What would you do?
20151209_155904 small.jpg
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if you buy a new guitar, it should be unblemished (unless you are buying on those conditions).

i would call and have a chat with them.
Sweetwater will want to know about it. Whether or not you choose to send it back is a conversation you can have with them, but call up your sales engineer (you have one, they assign a real live person to you the minute you order from them) and tell them what you told us. I think they'll help make the decision easier for you.
i would try to get a refund to the level of b-stock. i have done it with MF before and succeeded.