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I've already tried human cheese
5 19%
I'll never try human cheese
12 44%
I've had breast milk as an adult, enjoyed it, and would try human cheese
6 22%
I've had breast milk as an adult, did not enjoy, but would try human cheese
5 19%
I've had breast milk as an adult, did not enjoy, and would not try human cheese
5 19%
I've not had breast milk, but I'd like to try drinking some as well as human cheese
8 30%
I've not had breast milk, and I would not like to try it, but would go for the cheese
7 26%
I've not had breast milk, and I'd neither like to try the cheese or milk
10 37%
"Can you put vodka in breast milk?"
11 41%
Other (specify)
6 22%
Voters: 27.
Would you eat cheese made from human breast milk? Aside from curiosity, what would urge you to try it for the first time?

Also: Have you tried human milk as an adult? Did you enjoy it? Why/why not?
I've had gallons and gallons of breast milk straight from the nip.
Cheese would be weird, I might try it idk
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also i picked all of them because i am just one of those people
Eat your pheasant
Drink your wine
Your days are numbered, bourgeois swine!
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I wouldn't buy it on purpose but if someone served me it and it was manufactured according to reasonable standards then I would eat it.
Probably not. HIV can be transmitted through breast milk. And I regard human beings as the dirtiest animal on the planet.
I probably wouldn't even consider trying it because it just seems kind of gross. Which is funny, considering milk tends to come from cows which is also gross if you think about it.
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I don't like cheese so no and I'm not a fan of human breasts either

But you're a fan of other species' breasts?
And if it were I wouldn't care, because I'm not Muslim. Also the term is "halal"; "haram" would be analogous to "not kosher".

Way to make me dislike my own lame thread with a racial reference and a solecism. Thanks
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