This is a song that's I've had for a while now, but was just taking a while to finish. The guitar tone is an old one that I don't plan on using much in the future, but I stuck with it because it was recorded wet and didn't want to redo everything. Anyway, I thought it came out okay for this song, but let me know what you think, honestly.

holy crap dude this is the shit right here love it. Dude these riffs are professional the guitar tone is spot on you have a great feel for rhythm, are you like Keith Merrows son sounds like a song that should be on the album awaken the stone king. The mix could be louder though I have my volume all the way up and its still pretty quiet. You can tell you put some work in to this song great job.

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About the mix being louder: I don't really know how to make that happen. After I add in my master plugins, I'm hitting just below -2dB iirc. If you have any tips on mastering it would be much appreciated, I know it can be louder.
Hey dude,

Very prog, very djent. The playing is tight, the tone is good, not too much treble. The drums sound pretty damn good, especially the kick. The break at 0:55s sounds really really good, it breaks away from normal prog tradition persay and shows individuality, which i really liked. The song is interesting, though it remains kinda static throughout, sorta the same harmony throughout and same texture also. I reckon experiment with different textures and rhythms and see what you come up with!

Good work though, keep writing!

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