Hi everyone, I'm currently dealing with a dilemma that hopefully some of you with experience of a great deal of guitar brands can help out with. I'm a lefty player, self taught, I've been playing for two years this month, and I'm thinking of getting a 7 string. My friend is getting one this Christmas, and I'm thinking about getting one as well. The problem is though, like I said, I'm left handed, so my options are slightly limited... And please don't just tell me to "just learn to play right handed," that's not going to help me. Anyways, I've been looking all over online for the past weeks, trying to find a good deal on a 7(or six if I really like it) string with a reverse headstock, ebony fret board, and a strat style body. I'd like to get an Ibanez, but all I've been able to find was a iron label black one that was just kind of boring looking, and I've heard that iron label ones aren't of the best quality. But I was thinking that if I decided to get it, I could possibly have the body swirled to make it look prettier Also, I liked the Schecter JL7 (Jeff Loomis signature 7 string) in vampire red, but I don't really like the headstock, fret board, or inlays on it. I was also interested in getting a Jackson Soloist, (I'm currently using a flipped Jackson RR as my main guitar and its been a great guitar) but they're way too much for me, the only ones I was able to find were $2000 and up. But the most eye catching of all the guitars I've found was the Agile Septor 727. It's pretty much all I could want in a guitar, and its really nice looking, while also being a steal for the price those guitars are set at. My question is, how are Agiles? I've heard mostly good stuff about them, but this guitar will be the main thing I'll be using to play for awhile, ( I may get a used Jackson Dinky or Ibanez RG to have to slightly mod when I have the time to do so and to figure out how to do it) so is it worth choosing? I play a lot of Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, Megadeth, Lamb of God, style stuff. I know a good deal of those bands don't involve 7
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Agiles are awesome kit for the price. Beyond that for leftys Schecter is the way to go with selection. Almost their entire lineup is available lefty.

Though you should really ask yourself exactly why you want a 7. If you're getting it because your friend is getting one that's fine and well if you're going to be in a band. But if you just want a new guitar getting a 7 for the hell of it seriously limits your already limited choice and brings down the quality you get for your money.
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Alright thanks for the info, I'll most likely get an Agile in the end. And yeah that's kinda why I'm getting one, but we're also going to be playing 6 strings half the time as well, I've just been really wanting one for awhile, my friend mentioning getting one just sort of sparked my interest in getting one again :p