Well more the less I'm selling this locally for a friend and I cannot believe Fender made this, looking at the photos for those who are slightly new to guitar this is legit, they really made these some even had the cooler bubinga tops.This was definitely to either compete with Ibanez (basswood body) , PRS, Gibson (set neck) and Jackson if they didn't buy out Jackson already that is as they did.

this is a 1980s or 1990s model if memory serves me right , If this had a super 5 way switch i wouldn't have bothered posting about this.

25.5 scale
it's got 24 frets, abalone dot inlays
set neck from what research tells you , I'm no fender expert but they hardly do this
basswood body on some models, mahogany on others wikipedia says
H/H configuration with no pickguard
ruthenium (cosmo black) hardware with flat metal rings
the bridge pickups a pearly gates bridge , the necks a 59 neck position

the wiring is right out of the box, i haven't seen anything like it how they did the switch
B500k volume
D500k tone , D pots I've only seen on a handful of guitars
a normal 8 contact 5 way blade switch

position 1 - bridge in series (full power)
position 2 - bridge/neck coilsplit with the inner coils
position 3 - both pickups together in series
position 4 - neck in parallel (hum cancelling weaker sound)
position 5 - neck in series
I am more of a fan of the outer pickups being split but the inner ones gives you this tighter sound

some photos and the diagram, the diagram how they did the 5 way switch can be applied to any other 5 way blade switch so save the diagram if you wiring

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Those are still available for some really nice/reasonable prices. Mine was a Flame top in Amber/Yellow finish.

The same Korean factory made the Squier and Fender Tele versions (set neck) and are just as nice.
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I agree a bit of love (or money) this can be an amazing guitar. I wish this was the bubinga one but locally i never see anything this interesting by fender on my local classifieds. I drew out the diagram and will definitely use this harness in the future though.

new tuners, new nut , scallop it , new bridge, re-wire, copper tape and i'd get rid of the pearly gates... maybe a new 2 point bridge like the schaller vintage 2000 tremolo if it's still made with the roller saddles.