This may seem like a stupid place to put this question – but I'm after a guitarist view/advice.

I want to learn piano.
I have reasonable music knowledge, understanding scales, modes, and chords etc, I can read music (slowly) and can play electric and acoustic guitar enough to annoy the neighbours or an audience locked in room! I'm really a singer songwriter.

I should like to learn the piano. To help with performance options and song creating. (And my left hand needs to rest a bit)

I would be a total beginner. I have access to a great Yamaha electric piano.
Need advice on perhaps what book to get or on line program.
Is there a keyboard equivalent to Rocksmith!!

Any advice please.
Thank you.
Thank you - great link - he seems a genuinely cool guy. Just what I am after.
Right off we go to find middle C
(And of course one day I gotta put the output through my pedal board..... ;-)
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Go learn pop piano. If you have the money to spend, learn basic classical piano. It is boring and not everyone likes classical, I dread when I practice Bach pieces but I know it is good for my long term music endeavour. Go !
Amateur guitarist straight from the oven !