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10 71%
2 14%
2 14%
Portable gaming console
0 0%
Games console (ensuite, can still see the TV scenario?)
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4 29%
Voters: 14.
What devices do you use when taking a dump?

thread inspired by the fact I'm sitting here pooping and playing on my laptop
RIP Tom Searle.
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I cannot poop without looking at guitars in a magazine and I cannot look at guitars in a magazine without wanting to poop.

I cannot watch TV without eating and I cannot eat without watching TV.
pooping takes about 30 seconds for me because i'm a well-oiled machine. also, i sit at a computer all day. the last thing i want to do is sit at more computers.
Phone and "Other."

"Other" was for my big, black vibrator. Mmmmm...
Sometimes when I try to poop I just fart.
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I chose other because there's no option for 'none'.
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