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First time poster here on UG and I could really use your help. I have a chance to add my first PRS to my electric guitar collection but not sure I should. It's a used PRS showing signs of oxidation and/or rust on some of the hardware. Would you stay away from this guitar or will it have little to no bearing on the sound and longevity?

I've added 3 pics here to show specifics.


IMG_1858 (1).JPG
IMG_1859 (1).JPG
IMG_1857 (1).JPG
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Oxidation issues are not a problem with sound. It will reduce the value somewhat but not drastically. The main issues are as with any guitar purchase including a new one.
Does it produce the sound you are looking for
Does it stay in tune and have great intonation.
Any other signs of damage. Look closely where the neck and body meet for cracks. Also closely look over the entire guitar using different angles of sight to pick up other flaws
Does the neck look warped and have the correct bow in it.
What shape is the fret board and frets themselves in. Play every note on the guitar to listen for string/fret buzz. Also play while using an electronic tuner to see if it produces the correct not all up and down the neck (more intonation issues). Also check for string height at different places on the guitar.
Tuners, Nut and bridge working properly/ seated properly. Screws not worn out etc.
One picture shows poor string alignment of the D A & E strings with the bridge pickup. Is this because of poor pickup alignment, saddle/bridge alignment or both. Is it fixable? In other words try to look at other models of this guitar to see if they have the same issue as some come that way from the manufacturer. Just make sure it is a real PRS and not some Chinese copy as the market is flooded by these fakes that are often hard to spot. One thing that usually gives away a fake is that they almost always have the same serial number on the exact model of the guitar in question. I suggest you research several Chinese sites for your specific model of guitar as they do make several fake PRS guitars. You can always ask for a previous purchase receipt or try to trace the purchase history through PRS by using the serial number as a reference, but there is nothing like an original purchase receipt from a reputable guitar seller.
Do the electronics work without excessive noise and in every position.
Oxidation usually occurs from body sweat in the areas you have shown in the pics, but does the guitar look like its been taken care of. In other words, how clean is it. Is the neck easy to slide up and down etc. has it been stored in a hard shell case or just leaned up in a corner?
Playability- can you easily hold the guitar in the correct positions both sitting and standing? Is the neck easy to change chords on? Remember a different guitar does take a little time getting used to, but there should be no stand out issues.
Ask for a try out period of at least an hour jamming with it.
Do research on the exact model of the guitar for used price ranges and reviews other than from the manufacturer who has a money interest in any review. You may find a YouTube video of the exact model. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself about what to look for when making a guitar purchase or any purchase for that matter. There are many excellent sites on the Net. I never buy anything on the spot or under pressure, I ALWAYS do the research because it has saved my butt many, many times.
PRS has a pretty good name but they also make cheaper guitars and remember that a used guitar has much to do with the care and attention the owner gives it or doesn't give it. Either way, happy playing and good luck, but increase your odds by educating yourself before making the final decision.
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If you really want it, get it, when you have the money buy new hardware.

And that's corrosion from the owners sweat where he doesn't wipe his guitar down good.
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Oxidation is sexy.
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I would stay away from such an instrument because even though you can replace hardware, the fact that the guitar got like that says that it likely wasn't taken care of very well. You could/will run into problems down the road.
Don't get it. I got an oxidized Ibanez a year ago and while that was not a problem, the bridge knife edges are worn, the pots and jack needed cleaning, and just overal I wish I had paid a little more for a guitar in better condition. Save up an extra hundred and get the same thing in better shape
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