Im looking for a Metal Guitar Amp to play at home. (Costs 500-1000€ / 550-1100$)
I found the following amps and would like to hear your opinion on them and if you have any suggestions

Peavey 6505 mh
Engl Ironball E606 / Engl MetalMaster Head / Engl RockMaster Head
Orange Dark Terror / Orange Jim Root Terror / Orange Dual Terror

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Peavey 6505: one-dimensional sounds like metalcore all the time but does that pretty well. I would use it with a guitar with EMGs if I had a style that meant I was going to use distortion all the time. I used to have the 6505+ combo and I ended up selling it.
ENGL: My impression from one conversation I had was that these were pretty old-school style for a high gain amp.
Jim Root Terror: I like the style of these Orange amps. I have played these several times at Guitar Center and I plan on getting one.
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for playing at home the 6505 is way too loud IMO... I like the wattage switch on the oranges that lets you shut off one of the power tubes i think and get the same dynamics with less volume for practicing.
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