All right, I can play the song excluding the solo and the outro part. But how can I play this:

----------3p0------------- |

On time without the song going on? I mean, by myself, without the song in the background?
I just can't seem to play in sync no matter what without the song.
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Try playing it with a metronome or tapping your foot to the quarter notes - just keep a slow steady beat with your foot, no speeding up or slowing down. To me it sounds like the whole riff is two bars, or 8 foot taps/clicks. If it's the part I'm thinking about you'll play the E D and A chords, there'll be a little over two clicks or foot taps of silence, and then just a little bit after the second to last foot tap/click play the lick fast enough that the lick ends in time for the next rotation. (the lick starts right after the second to last beat, the bend on the second fret starts right on the last beat, and the lick ends right at the end of the bar.

First try playing along with the song while keeping the beat with your foot to see what it should feel like, then try it without the song.
Start slowly. Use a metronome. The lick starts on the "e" of three (three-e-and-a).

  3 e & a 4 e   & a

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Get software or an app that can slow down the audio of the song.

Audacity is a free program or can pay for something like Amazing Slow Downer which is an app and software program. Amazing Slow Downer is bit expensive but super easy to use, maintains great sound quality even when slowing down to extremely slow.

Other tip is can you sing it? I find when students can sing the music (doesn't have to be out loud or in pitch) they get a better understanding of the rhythm.

Also how good are you at picking down and up (alternate picking)? Students I have struggle with this part because they haven't done a lot of alternate picking.