Hi,i want to buy a "spare" guitar for my house (now i'm in a Erasmus,and i have my guitar here with me) so when i go there i would have a guitar and i would have an acoustic guitar apart from my classic one.I don't want to spend a lot of money and checking on internet i found this guitars

squier SA 105 (by fender)
epiphone dr100
harley benton 120CEBK

All of them are almost the same price (100&euro and i don't know how to choose.The last one has good opinions in Thomman and it can be plugged,the others have what i think is a good brand.

Could someone help me?

I have played the dr100 and the squire. The dr100 is actually pretty nice for its price range. I liked it. I'm actually thinking about picking one up to take with me when I travel.
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I've never played any of the mentioned guitars but buying blind, I'd probably go with the Epiphone. Epi generally offers pretty good quality for the price. I have 2 Epiphone electrics and they are great. Fender acoustics are generally considered lower to mid level to begin with and given that squire is their lower brand name, I'd definitely want to look it over and play it before considering it. Of course trying out all 3 is the best option if possible. When it comes to electric guitars, the higher end squiers(like the deluxe and classic vibe) are actually pretty good and great value. I have no clue about Harley Benton. Yamaha is probably the best bang for the buck when it comes to inexpensive acoustics but I think their cheapest(F335) is still a bit higher than the guitars you've listed. Avoid Gibson Maestro.
I'd avoid any acoustic "tainted" by Fender, including Squier. Had a Fender steel string acoustic and learned to really hate it ...and still hate Fender acoustics to this day (and the model I bought wasn't cheap....$390 in 1985). What a piece of crap. Tuners were crap, the bridge pins were cheap plastic and deformed by the 3rd string change, the "ebony" fingerboard's coloring rubbed off within a few weeks. I'd have saved about $300 if I'd have bought an Epiphone DR-100 (and probably ended up with a better instrument).

Don't want to dog on Squier....but if Fender has much say on what goes into Squier's acoustics I want no part of them.
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My results are similar to Mr. Rex', but not identical.

I have a Fender "Sonoran", along with 2 Epiphone EJ-200-SCE's.

The Sonoran is a decent sounding guitar, but the sound board puffed up quite a bit when I first got it. Consequently, I used up quite a bit of saddle clearance getting the action back to where it should be. The tuners are crap. A 6 in line "vintage" affair with tiny plastic buttons and no way to adjust the gear lash. MAP in the US is somewhere around $429.99 USD.

The EJ-200-SCE, on the other hand, has a fully bound neck & head stock, (no on the Fender), and genuine gold plated Grover tuners. The workmanship, (IMHO), is much better as well, along with the fact the Epi "super jumbo", has a whole lot more whoop-ass, in the bottom. Its MAP, as of this writing, is $399.95. Before I forget, it also has stereo "Shadow" electronics, superior sounding, (again IMHO), to the Sororan's Fishman.

So, dollar for dollar, the Epiphone is a much better ,'bang for the buck'.

Do these parallels hold true up and down both lines? I'd say likely so, and go for the Epiphone DR-100. (And I've heard lots of good stuff about the 100).
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At the end i bought a Yamaha F310,because the dr100 went out of stock.I paid 140€ for the guitar,case,strap ,strings...It will arrive next tuesday.Thanks a lot ti everyone
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At the end i bought a Yamaha F310,because the dr100 went out of stock.I paid 140€ for the guitar,case,strap ,strings...It will arrive next tuesday.Thanks a lot ti everyone

I've never heard anything bad about Yamaha. Hope you got a good one and like it. Let us know what you think.