Hello i consider myselfe a rhythm guitarist. I am playing about 10 years and realy suck in soloing, never realy learned. i am able to play smells like teen spirit solo but thats my maximum. when i am trying to learn from tablatures i get confused and loose myselfe, the song goes to fast, i cannot look and play so fast? i have a few question, please help!
- how are you learning solos?
- what is a good basic knowledge of soloing?
- how to gain speed?
Have you read the 21 day challenge sticky? Read that if you haven't.

I love solos and they are the part of every song I look forward too, instrument or voice is irrelevant.

Things that may help. Youtube lets you slow videos down, use that! (The slowest setting cuts out all sound however).

Listen to the solo and follow along with the tab, notice little things they do that may not be written or be able to be written in tab.

Watch live video of the guitarist playing the solo, watch how they move their hands, are they using chords or single notes, do they tap or just use the left hand for the hammer on and pull offs.

Scales and music theory will help, modes. I regrettably know little in this department. Have a solid level of comfort with all techniques being used in the solo you wish to learn. If you are using tabs make sure to look at as many different tabs possible to see how different they can be, sometimes making an impossible section easy.

Speed comes with accuracy and practice, play slowly. use a metronome. Again see the sticky of 21 day challenge.

Most of all have fun with it.
This isn't meant to be a question to beat you down, but how the heck do you play rhythm for 10 years and not be able to play fast? Now that the question is out of me get a program like guitar pro. It is very helpful, you are able to slow down sections of songs, which then allows you to slowly work your way up to full speed. There's not really a way to learn soloing other than actually playing them. Avenged Sevenfold's solos in Critical Acclaim are very easy, so is the Sweating Bullets by Megadeth solo. Work your ass off on those and you'll easily be a lot better at soloing!
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What Music do you like?

And practice with the pentatonic scale. The beauty of that scale is you dont have to be fast, its a good place to start. simple as:







Experiment with different times between the notes, I'm sure plenty of people will play this differently, either way it sounds sick!!! start out slow and dont get discouraged with tab, a lot of the times it isnt accurate, and you use it to give you an idea of what is being played.
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