About 10 years ago Fender had a Korean factory produce a run of set neck, carved top Telecasters with two DiMarzio humbuckers. They did them in a few different colours, though I am only interested in the black version.

There are many versions I am not interested in. These include (but are not limited to)
- Gold version with DiMarzio pickups
- Black version with EMG pickups
- Any version made after 2005
- Any version with Seymour Duncan pickups
- Any Squier-branded version

Additionally, it is vital that the guitar has the original DiMarzio pickups. These pickups are sometimes wrongly listed a being Super Distortions (that's what the gold-painted version has) but they are actually a generic overwound PAF-style wind that DiMarzio made cheaply. These DiMarzio pickups are fairly easy to spot as they always have the DiMarzio logo on the top of the bridge coil, they were only made with double cream bobbins and they should have an 'H4' sticker on the rear.
Obviously I would prefer it if all other parts were original, as well.

They have some unique and very obvious features so it's hard to get them confused, but to recap the main, obvious parts:
- solid black finish, including the headstock
- rosewood fretboard, very large frets and abalone dot inalys
- cream binding around body and neck
- set neck with a slightly carved heel
- carved top
- two DiMarzio H4 humbuckers with double cream coils and 'DiMarzio' logo
- Gibson-style 3-way toggle
- 1 volume, 1 tone control
- made in Korea between 2003-2005

Price, shipping, etc:
Though these guitars are pretty rare, they're also factory-made MIK guitars that sold for Squier-like prices originally, they're all 10+ years old now and their value is more as a curiosity than as a top-quality guitar or serious collector's piece.

Because of this, and knowing that most of these guitars tend to be in heavily-gigged, pretty poor condition now, I can't name a particular price but I am willing to pay a more than reasonable amount for one. More than they cost originally, if it's in good condition. I live in the UK but I will happily pay full shipping (with insurance) to buy one from any part of the world.

You can PM me on here, reply to the thread, e-mail me or get me on Twitter. All accounts and such are in my user profile.

Here's a few photos of what these guitars look like:

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