Hey Guys,

So I am looking to get my first seven string, and simultaneously get a slightly more high end guitar than my current ones.

I discovered the RGIR27BE and thought it was perfect because it has a good tremolo (I am coming from an Edge III), EMG actives, kill switch, and mahogany body instead of basswood. I am having second thoughts because I was looking pictures of it and discovered that it doesn't have a ZPS system in it like the other Edge Zero II tremolo guitars I have seen. I'm worried that without the ZPS it's going to be just as difficult to adjust the intonation for as my 370DX with an Edge III.

Is it way easier to adjust Edge Zero II (even without ZPS) than an Edge III and I shouldn't be worried? Or is there another 7 string with a good floating trem and EMG's you would recommend? The 27BE would be PERFECT in my mind if it had ZPS.

Thanks for any input guys!