Hey all, got this used Godin LG, kind of a Gibson LP type of knockoff (image inside):

I am getting a flabby E and A strings, especially on open string and I think it might be a time for a new nut. I see the previous owner has applied generous amount of graphite and it doesn't seem to work. I used "Nut Sauce" saddle lube and doesn't seem to do much, it is a small improvement, I guess.

From what I've measured, this nut doesn't seem to be readily available, I have (using mm for better precision):
length 43mm
thickness 0.5mm (can possibly take 0.6mm)
height 0.6mm
E to E measure: 36mm

Couldn't really find anything that would be a drop in for this guitar so it seems like I'd have to make it.

Any suggestions, or do you know anyone making these?
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What exactly do you mean by "flabby"? Does it not stay in tune?
You can buy large nut blanks and cut them to any size you need. I've made several nuts out of a cow bone I bought at a pet shop.
When you hit a note, say open E, it fluctuates a lot more than what I am used to.
I had heavier set of strings on this guitar which held up a little better, switched to 8s, intoned, and it is not holding tuning as well, although it did have problem before...

Thinking about it I have a nut (bone) blank that was sent to me by my classical guitar maker, might be able to modify that.
I still would need more description. When you say 'fluctuates', do you mean that it buzzes against the frets or has a slightly different open string note from time to time (especially after bending)?

The nut will usually have only two problems to affect open string sound: slot too narrow causing binding and intonation problems, or slot too deep causing fret buzz on open strings.

Usually a 'too deep' slot needs a new nut to be done properly, but there are some people who have done things to fill the slot and re-cut it (I heard of using baking soda and Krazy glue as a mixture to fill the slot, or possibly an epoxy).

If the slot is too narrow and causing intonation problems then the fix is easy: simply get a proper file and widen it.
Here's an example:

intonation is right as is tuning, from what I can tell looks like a nut.
Talked to Godin and they'll send a new one which I have to purchase but at least we know it will fit, I hate to work 2-3 hrs on a part that costs $14

Another thing I was thinking is pickup magnets acting up and pulling the string but they're way down there.
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