This is the body and
this is the blood
C'mon everybody
let's grab that stump spud

Digging the weed of passion and passing on the test
C'mon everybody let's
open up that hope chest

Whatever may rise must fall

Now there's no turning back
Life's a one way track

Mama she would tell me: The devil's in your blood
By singing to that oak tree you're bringing down a flash flood
You went too far and then you burned your wings
Fell to the ground and your tail is one that stings

There can be no regret
Once the goal is set, you go

When I read it I didn't really get the flow straight away, but when listening it I liked how it flowed. I also like the sarcasm, you manage to criticise without overdoing it .

Oh, and you should totally call yourself Daft Funk.
You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore
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Thanks guys, appreciate it!
Check out the new version (on original recordings), comes with complimentary guitar solo