First off it was not normal shit . No, it had mutated into a brand-new kind of shit. Then it went through the meatgrinder and became shredded and mutilated until it was formless and meaningless. Not just a nice dog turd but a brand-new kind of shit . The problem is it is what it is when its shit . No matter what form it takes.

I'm talking about dentists and dental insurance. Scam scam scam scam scam .

I purchase of dental insurance they took my money and said thank you. I found the dentist who accepted this particular type of insurance and made an appointment.

My teeth were killing me I had to wait a month. After oh ,it felt like 100 years but it was really a month of waiting. I got to the dentist and the receptionist told me"oh I'm sorry but we called you today ,...TODAY !!!!!! TODAY !!!!! AHHHH! GRRRR! .

And canceled the appointment !! ,..because we do not take that particular type of insurance.

This isnt my first unfortunate experience with modern-day dentistry and the wonder of dental insurance.

X-rays we need x-rays. I told them okay we could cancel but first I'm going to have to take some x-rays of you before I can cancel I will need x-rays why won't cancel I'm going to have to x-ray you first before I cancel.

No apology, no it was my fault. It was our mistake we should've called you. No nothing like that. Quite the contrary. It was all your fault! What the FUCK ?
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