Hello. There are 3 diferent BIAS programs as far as i know. BIAS AMP, BIAS FX and BIAS Pedal. How do you combine all 3 of them to create your own sound? Is this possible or you use only one at the time? Do you combine them in DAW Software in a chain lets say first, pedal, then fx and amp on the end?
I have another question. Does it exist a standolone BIAS? It would be realy cool, i hate vst-s when i am not recording.
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yes but how to run an amp with an pedal?

If you are using VSTs only, the Bias Pedal VST comes BEFORE the amp sim VST.
As of right now, you can only combine all three BIAS programs if you're using an iPad or PC (it will not work on iPhone for some asinine reason). Using BIAS FX you can import all of your custom amps and pedals from the other two programs.

I run BIAS on iPhone so I haven't done it, but it should be really simple. You probably either have an option to import in the program itself, or you create an account and it will combine all programs registered to that account