Alright so I'm currently trying to decide on two lefty Agile 7 strings. The Agile Interceptor 727 Flat Black and the Agile Interceptor Black Flame. The Flat Black is neck through, while the black flame is bolt on. I was wondering, has anyone had experience with both, and know how good the craftsmanship is on either? I'd like to have the bolt on, because I could get another neck if something happened to it, and I could customize the body if I wanted to in the near future. And I was just thinking about swapping out the pickups and putting active ones in if I went with the black flame. Which one should I get?
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Get the neck-through.
Much is made of the fact that you can swap out the neck on a bolt-neck, but what do you think the odds are of you finding a neck that specifically fits an Agile 7-string? There are no "standards" once you start wandering into ERGs. 99% of all bolt neck guitars never have the bolts rotated.

All of my Carvins are neck-through. One of my Agiles (LP-alikes) is a neck-through, the rest are set-neck. I do have some bolt necks (three of my Variaxes are, one of my basses is, and that's about it. Everything else is neck-through or set neck. NEVER a regret, never have needed or even considered swapping a neck.

It's a bit like the folks who buy an SUV because they like the idea of being able to go off-road with it, and then they never, ever, ever take it off-road ("Honey, you're going to get it DIRTY" "Honey, you're going to blow a tire going over those rocks like that..."). Don't kid yourself.
Wow, you're right, I didn't give much thought as to the possibility of not being able to find a compatible neck for the bolt on one, definitely getting the neck through one. Good to know they're quality guitars, I read pretty good stuff about them, but since I've never played one, I wanted to be sure. Thanks