So I just got my amp. It is my first all tube amp. I went with the Randall RD5 combo. I love the tone. But being a small amp it is kinda limiting. For instance it needs a boost. A tube screamer alternative is what it needs. Something that does not have a mid hump like the tube screamer. I play hard rock so I prefer scooped mids. Also my pickups in my guitar are kinda weak so a nice boost is what I need. I'm broke after the amp so I need some thing that is cost effective, but at the same time I do not want to buy junk. What would you suggest? Are the Joyo's pedals any good?

Also...I need an eq pedal, once again are the joyo's 6 band any good? My randall has no eq on it. It only has a single tone know. It does have an effects loop though, so thats comforting.

The other thing it needs is a Noise gate....joyo? Ya this amp is a tad bit noisy it may be the crappy pickupsin it, but then again tube amps are noisey to start with....joyo noise gate?

danelectro fish and chips for an eq? would i regret buying all joyo pedals? I want decent pedals I just cant afford to pay 80-90 per pedal. I also need a delay pedal joyo? and dont point a gun to my head on this nextg one....behringer?

Please suggests to me the best cost effective way to go for these pedals that I need and thank you in advance
Usually my dirt cheap TS suggestion is used digitech bad monkey (40 and under) or used hardwire CM-2 (better bad monkey, can be had under 60).

I've never tried joyo pedals so I can't speak for the quality. Just try 'em if you can find a good return policy, keep/return as necessary. Hell no to behringer.
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+1 for the CM2, though it's kinda Tubescreamerish. Cheap but mighty.

But if you don't want the mids, I'd say check out a Boss SD1.
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+1 to the Bad Monkey
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If you are in the States, The GFS Greenie Classic would be a great choice. It has the "Classic" TS9 circuit for if you do want the mid hump sometimes. It also has a "Fat" mode for a fatter, thicker version of the TS9 and a "Tight" mode for a leaner more modern tone. So it should cover your needs and then some. They are cheap on the wallet but are great in quality and built tough. I would personally chose it over the Bad Monkey & the Joyo.
I sold my Bad Monkey because it was a tone suck.

I have two Joyo pedals (Vintage Overdrive - basically a classic tubescreamer OD808/TS9 and D-Seed - have this just to play around with a delay, hardly ever use it) and they are fine.

I think you can do a ton worse than Joyo.

You may like a clean boost pedal if you don't want to change the tone and only increase how hard the tubes are hit.
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Death - Which Mooer pedal are you referring to?

I have the black one, but I think you would be looking at the green one.

Unless you want the black one of course.
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Try the Way Huge Green Rhino. Other alternatives are the Seymour Duncan 805 (I recall it having a 3 band EQ or at LEAST a control over mids) or perhaps the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET (FM mode is very flat in the mids and not mid boosty at all). Honestly, though...the mid hump is not going to make a big difference in a scooped setting on the amp. A typical tubescreamer sounds mid humpy because it is decreasing the other frequencies around the mids, making the mids sound more focused and prominent. It might also add a little bit, but it's not like turning your mids on the amp from zero to half.
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So.....I have the Randall RD5C smp. Right now I'm playing a cheap schecter guitar, it's a SGR 006 by Schecter. So its the the cheapest line schecter has any connection to. Prior to this I ran modeling amps so pickups were not an issue so I feel like since I have a tube amp the pickups are playing a bigger part. The pickups are weak. The amp does not have the gain/distortion that I had hoped with this current setup. I sold all my guitar/amp/pedals gear prior to this like a dumb ass so now I'm starting from scratch. Prior to this I used modeling amps, so this is sso different. So now I have this amp. I'm buyig a new guitar and thats a decision too. So after playing this schecter I know I need a guitar with good output from the pickups because i know I need a guitar with high output, Yea i could use something with good output. I'm looking at the epiphone les paul gothic but dont know if the output of the pickups will get me in the high gain territory that i o desire.....Also thinking of getting a overdrive pedal and a eq pedal since my amp does not have much of an eq it only has one tone knob.....For lead work alsowant to add a chorus pedal and a delay pedal for leads and solo's? I have always dabbled with playing guitar but getting serious now.....I could also get a clean boost....The tone I'm looking for is like dime bag....I have this tone in my head. It isa high gain tone of a combination of a dual rectifier combined with a JCM....kind of like a rectifier but more compressed.....Evdn though this is a 5 watt amp i live in an apartment so i cant totally crank it. So this is an equation. I have my amp and trying to get this sound combined with pedals to get a killer high gain tone at a lower volume....what do you think? any suggestions? Please let me know what you think......

Decided that the randall has to go back, i tried to force myself to like it but I just couldnt do it. So going back to a modeller as suggested. Got a budget of 200-300. but the question is which one? I thought about the Yamaha thr but does it has an amp feel or bass? I have also considered an orange rt35, or the blackstar core. I want a decent amp feel it doesnt have to be cranked or anything just some decent volume...what do you guys think?
I mean no offense but, are you sure you're using the amp's controls properly? I don't own one, but I've tried out the rd5 a few times and thought it pretty kickass and a lotta fun. If I were you, I'd at least try an od or distortion in front. Maybe a dodgey tube?
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