I need some advice on a good sounding guitar that has a pickup. Or one that sounds good that I could install a pick-up. I know it's an opinion if a guitar sounds good. I'm looking to spend under 1k. Maybe some that are on sale now or are just a good sound for the price. Maybe some advice for a pick up to install if the guitar doesn't come with one.

Any help would be appreciated!
Hard to beat Takamine, Ibanez makes some good acoustics, but be picky. I've played a couple of new Fenders that I liked. Our other guitar player just got an Ovation that sounds nice and plays great.

Some of the newer electric acoustics have very good electronics, they sound a lot better than the old Ovation with just a volume knob. My Takamine is around 15 years old, plays great and sounds good, best neck I've found on an acoustic in a long time, electronics are pretty good but I'm kind of wishing I could get the new version fitted into it.

I don't know much about other brands, Guild makes some very good guitars, and Gibson but I don't know much about Gibson quality these days...
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